The Creative D200 Bluetooth wireless speaker is a single soundbar with various sound and connection options. The first connection for the wireless Bluetooth speaker is through the Bluetooth connection. Next, the speaker also has auxiliary outputs. It produces an adequate sound quality and is well designed, but it’s missing some of the features we’re accustomed to seeing.

The first and most important option to consider when purchasing a Bluetooth speaker is the sound quality. The best wireless Bluetooth speakers have a balanced sound that can pound out bass beats as well as they follow harmonies, without adding noticeable distortion. Just because you're connecting wirelessly doesn't mean you have to sacrifice sound quality.

This Bluetooth portable speaker has a nice sound quality with its two drivers. But the overall quality is a little lacking, especially when it comes to bass sound. The frequency range is 50 hertz to 20 kilohertz, so it can play precise high-pitch sounds and many of the lower-frequency tones as well. However, there is no simulated bass boost or woofer dedicated solely to the lower frequencies. Some other similar units have larger, more powerful drivers that cover a wider range of frequencies. But if you're looking for a basic unit with a Bluetooth and auxiliary connection, this mini Bluetoooth speaker is a good option to consider. If you're using some media players with a Bluetooth connection and others without, you may need to purchase an auxiliary cord.

The design of the unit is basic and will fit the design of most rooms. Much like a more traditional stereo boom box, the sound comes from a single, horizontal bar. There is no iPod or iPad dock. The Bluetooth speaker system can last about six hours on battery power, but that's on a modest volume. At higher volumes, the battery life decreases significantly.

The Bluetooth technology will allow you to listen to your music wirelessly with a range of up to 30 feet. The sound quality deteriorates at the maximum distance and for the best sound, stay within 10 feet of the speaker. There is no remote control, but you can control the speakers with the any device you pair wirelessly.

Creative Summary:

The Creative D200 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker has an adequate sound quality and design. It is an attractive speaker and has two drivers that can play a wide range of frequencies, but it does not focus on the lower-range sounds and there is no dedicated woofer.


Creative D200 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker is small, light and easy to transport.

It is missing a few useful features such as a remote control and a solid enclosure for a more refined sound.

The Verdict
: 6/10

This speaker produces good sound.